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Jedná se o prezenční výuku v prostorách naší společnosti v rozsahu 2-3x 90 min týdně  v odpoledních hodinách od 14:00.

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Fast, efficient and low cost service!

Corporate entities and people from all walks of life benefit from our acclaimed notarised translation service because it is fast, delivered when you want, exactly as the original, and above all, very affordable!

About our notarised (certified) translations:

  • All language pairs
  • Deliver the original in person or send a scanned copy via email so that the work can start. Our translator will bind the original with the certified (stamped and signed) translation on site or at Panorama
  • Guaranteed quality
  • No hassle service (get it within a few hours!!!)
  • Best price in the country
  • All types of documents. The most popular are statutory declarations, professional and education qualifications/certificates, marriage certificates, property purchase, divorce papers, power of attorney, personal correspondence, etc. 
Simply contact us and we will arrange all for you. Call on 585 002 827 or write to us direct at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us at our HQ in Olomouc.

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