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Good people make a great company!

A professional and exceptionally well-priced service solely for our clients. Whether you need to hire capable and reliable shop-floor workers (DLs) or the best available management personnel (IDLs), Panorama is able to find great people to join your elite team at much-less-than market charges for recruitment.

Our recruitment service for our clients entails:

  • total reliability on the proposed candidate
  • industry specific search
  • initial screening interviews conducted by Panorama
  • only sound-minded and professionally capable candidates recommended
  • language skills assessment done by Panorama
  • references provided for key IDL candidates
  • selected candidates monitored and tutored in skills after appointment where requested
  • one of the best charges in the country:
  1. DLs – one to one and a half gross salary
  2. IDLs – one and a half gross salary

To date Panorama has recruited the following for its clients:

  • more than 20 DLs for production units
  • more than 5 maintenance workers
  • HR assistants and manager
  • Project Leaders
  • Sales representatives
  • Sales Director
  • Plant Managers
If you want a no-hassle and professional recruitment help, simply write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 585 002 827

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