Přijmeme do svého týmu lektra/lektorku anglického jazyka.

Jedná se o prezenční výuku v prostorách naší společnosti v rozsahu 2-3x 90 min týdně  v odpoledních hodinách od 14:00.

V případě Vašeho zájmu nás neváhejte kontaktovat. Těšíme se na spolupráci. 

"It is never business as usual at Panorama"

Panorama ILA (international language agency), established 1999, ranks among the leading providers of corporate language training, translations and interpreting in the Czech Republic. We have long term and global contracts with major domestic and international corporations and state authorities.

Our principal objective is to assist in the facilitation and development of language comprehension, and in the enhancement of professional competency through our extensive portfolio of services encompassing the whole spectrum of individual and corporate needs. Through its headquarters in Olomouc, a branch office in Brno and with engagements across the country, Panorama ILA strives every day to meet the expectations of its long list of highly satisfied and loyal clients through its own system of approach to each task.

What is different about Panorama?

  • this is our profession and not just a business,
  • no matter how urgent or demanding a task, we do our utmost,
  • we just do not hire any teacher, only those who can deliver,
  • we develop your soft skills through tailored trainings,
  • we constantly innovate our methodology in response to changing global needs,
  • we just do not translate, we strive for quality outputs,
  • we provide top class and effective business services,
  • we regard each client as our partner,
  • we consider each teacher, translator and our personnel as our associate,
  • and above all, we deal with fairness and honesty in every aspect of our work!

Simply call us and experience our friendly and professional service.

Our partners

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